As you may have seen, Nikki-Ann has tagged me!

OK, this is to put on your blog the sixth photo from your sixth folder and then explain what it is, why you’ve kept it and what it means to you ….

Nikki went to her folders on Flickr but I did that and found I only had 3 sets on there so that was no use!   So then I ordered my pics in chronological roll order – that threw up this


This is our pride and joy, a 1965 Triumph TR4A.  Owned by LOML since 1978 and loved by me since I met him in 1994.  This picture would have been taken in about 2005 for insurance purposes.  If you have a classic car, the insurance company wants photos of it from every conceivable angle to be sure they know what they are letting themselves in for!

It was kept because I’m building up a library of car pics – LOML had none (all taken by previous girlfriends, perhaps, but let’s not go there!) – for some history.  And there is my old car in the background; some rather sad tomato plants – let’s pretend this was early in the year; and the old drive which has since been re-aligned.

I don’t suppose I have looked at this for 3 or 4 years so it was a nice surprise to find it! 

Now for tagging!  Has to be fellow photographers, methinks:


Helen@new way of  life